RediRoot Plastic Aeration Container #25 - each

RediRoot Plastic Aeration Container #25 - each

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RediRoot Plastic Aeration Container

RediRoot Plastic Air-Pruning Containers feature a slatted design that distinguishes it from a traditional solid wall container. This design reduces circling roots and provides an ideal environment for air root pruning to occur.
Air root pruning is a process where a plant's roots are pruned as they grow rather than when they are transplanted. Basically, when a root tip comes in contact with the air it is pruned, sending a signal to the plant to produce more lateral or fibrous roots.
RediRoot’s design features raised feet allowing for 360-degree air-pruning helping you get the most from your plants and trees. RediRoot has a variety of additional benefits including:

The Bullet Points (Features)

  • Reduces and often eliminates circling roots
  • Airflow allows growing medium to dry evenly reducing wet spots
  • Increases yield
  • Produces a dense, fibrous root structure
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Made from recycled materials
  • BPA-free and UV resistant

Product Specifications

  • Top Diameter 26.29 inches/66.78 CM
  • Bottom Diameter 19.33 inches/49.10 CM
  • Height 17.32 inches/44 CM
  • Dry Volume 25.25 gallons/95.60 liters

Packaging Specifications

*While we work hard to be consistent some measurements and weights may vary due to manufacturing and settling.

  • 5 Pieces/Bundle
  • 150 Pieces/Pallet
  • 25 Pallets/Container
  • Pallet Size 53.5 x 27 x 92.5 inches/136 x 69 x 235 CM
  • Pallet Weight 789 Lbs

              Manufacturing Specifications

              • Color: Black
              • Materials: Plastic made with polypropylene #05, UV protectant, and elastomer (for longevity).
              • Made in China

              Placing a Large Volume Order

              We believe in fair and honest pricing which is why we do not change prices across the markets we serve. We do provide discounts based on the volume of your order. Order 60 days in advance to ensure timely delivery for orders of 2 or more pallets.

              *While we work hard to be consistent some measurements and weights may vary due to manufacturing and settling.